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Story of the collaboration

The "Out of the Shadows" garden, by Kate Gould at the Chelsea Flower Show 2022, featured the combination of Schellevis paving and Torc Pots seating elements. During the course of the show, both partners realised that they shared a vision for high-quality craftsmanship, beautiful outdoor spaces and sustainable practices.

This realisation led to the launch of the "Torc x Schellevis" collaboration, inspiring Garden Designers, Landscape Architects, and clients by demonstrating how the two products can be combined to create a harmonious and timeless outdoor living environment. As you walk through the "Torc x Schellevis" garden, you will find a smorgasbord of textures, colours, shapes and sizes. All made with love and prioritizing sustainability from the production to the end products you see.

Common Grounds

Schellevis slab with leaf


Both of the companies products are popular among architects, designers, and landscapers due to their versatile design options and the unique structure and texture of both of their product lines. With constantly evolving assortments and options designed to meet specific customer and application preferences.

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With products applied in the outside realm, Torc and Schellevis both draw their inspiration from nature for the realisation of their colour palettes. All of their products are made using natural colouring agents, resulting in a harmonious link when the products are combined and used in any outdoor space.

3 Torc Pots Onora

Shapes / sizes

A full range of sizes and shapes distinguishes both of their assortments. Hence all outdoor spaces can be designed and decorated with the help of Schellevis and Torc products. From residential to commercial, from city garden to estate and from contemporary to traditional designs both manufactures products fit the desired style.

Schellevis gravel


In everything that both of them do, they aim for the best quality while trying to make the smallest possible impact on people and nature. That means in practice that both use natural materials in our production process, continuously work on improving their carbon footprint and recycle and reuse as much as possible. An example is that both companies recycle and reuse 100% of the materials of any product that does not meet aesthetic and quality standard.

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